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Titan Straps

Unless you can levitate, (which we want a picture of if you can) you will need a good suspension system. The Titan Strap system will have you sitting pretty virtually anywhere, except in virtual reality, oddly enough. Our straps are tree-friendly, less abrasive than ropes, and better at distributing pressures and friction without cutting into the bark of the tree. With 10 adjustment loops per strap, finding the right tension for the perfect hang is a snap!


  • At just under 9 feet long, these straps are long enough to get around most any tree (Redwoods excluded). 
  • 10 adjustment loops make finding the right tension a cinch.
  • Triple bar tacking between each loop guarantees you a worry-free hang. 
  • Rated up to 350 lb. per set, 175 lb. per each strap. 
  • 12.8 oz. total weight.
Want to see how easy it is to hang a hammock using these straps?


Type: Hammock Accessories